starters – mains – desserts

Royal Ruka is a second generation, family owned hotel and restaurant in operation since 1998. 
We offer our guests and visitors a unique and delicious taste experience. Our menu features classic
dishes with locally sourced ingredients, such as vandace, the small freshwater fish from the lakes and
rivers of the region, reindeer that grazed on the fells and wild berries picked up by Irmeli, our long-
term hotel hostess. We welcome you to enjoy the food and our exceptional wine and beer selection!

Please reserve a table in advance
phone +358 400 819 840 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Light as a feather

Fresh salad mix seasoned with herb oil; fennel, grandma's pickled cucumber
and topped with roasted pumpkin seeds. (L,G)


Slightly smoky

Snaild fried in garlic and herb butter, gratinated with Kuusamo Smoked Cheese. (L,G)


Soft as velvet

Puree of harvest seasons vegetables.
Ask what's soup of the day. (L,G)




Respecting traditions

Creamy and velvety salmon soup served with toast. (L)


From heath to pan

Risotto-style cooked barley blended with wild mushrooms.
Served with roasted beetroots. (L)


Hilda's best vendace

Plenty of small vendace slightly tossed in rye flour, and fried in butter until crisp.
Brushed with butter and onion melt, served with mashed potatoes. (L)


Enjoying catch of the day

Prey from the kingdom of Ahti, served with butter-onion sauce,
roasted vegetables, and roasted potato wedges. (L,G)


Ahku's reindeer stew

Shredded reindeer meat traditionally braised until tender,
served with mashed potatoes. (L,G)


Pulled Reindeer Burger

Slow-cooked shredded reindeer neck, lettuce, wild lingonberries, crisp marinated cucumber
and juniper berry mayonnaise. Served with roasted potato wedges. (L)





Royal's starlet

Chocolate cake and ice cream. (L,G)


Lapland's warm delicacy

Leipäjuusto-cheese with cloudberry jam. (L,G)


Discovered in the snow

Frosty cranberries with hot caramel sauce. (L,G)


Queen's Grace

Ball of ice cream with Chef's sauce on top. (VL)


We reserve the right to changes.

starters – mains – desserts